Wizard Development

Software development and agile consulting

Wizard Development makes Products and Development Teams strong. We're a team of product managers, developers, and designers. Our philosophy is success through education. We teach you how to get the most value from your work and and from your software.

Building great software is our business
so you can get the most out of yours.

We build tools and products. Tools free your employees from having to do anything a computer can do, allowing them to work on more important things in your business. Products allow you to provide value to your customers, engaging them on multiple levels and allowing you to learn your markets. Both kinds of projects are very valuable to a heathly business.

Our processes is designed to produce the highest value features first. This allows us to validate our designs, plans and assumptions before finishing the entire project instead of after. This saves time and money and results in software that provides more of what need rather then what you thought you needed.

Sevices we provide

What you get

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You know how to build your product
We know how to improve your flow

However you work, there's always room for improvement. We've worked with teams large and small in startups and big enterprises. Our goal is to improve your proccesses by putting pressure on it. We have an agile philosophy but recognize that what works best for the team works best for the product. We'll work with your team to obtain a fast and reliable processes.

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