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We are closed

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We are closed. Wizard Development was the result of a passion for learning, teaching and for each other. We endeavored to improve our communities and ourselves. After almost 3 years of service and many successful projects, we can safely say we left our dent.

However, a mission such as ours never ends. We now continue it with other wonderful teams on other projects and with other companies. We thank our clients for the opportunity to have worked with you and we hope to get a chance to do it again.

-The Wizard Development Team

Prototypes to Production

Whether you have a successful product in need of new features, a proof of concept ready to be developed, or an unweildy prototype that is ready to be taken to the next level, we are here to help. We pair with entrepreneurs to create or build upon web and mobile apps to improve features, reliability, and flexibility. We know that product fit requires iteration, experiementation, and feedback, so we use agile methods to quickly improve and deliver.

Product Development

Make your software work for you. You know what your business needs, we know how to build it. We build the tools that your team uses to keep the edge in your market and the apps that allow you to provide services in new and unique ways.

Skill Sharing

You know how to build your product. We know how to improve your flow. There's no such thing as magic. How you work affects the outcome of your work. We teach you best practices that your team can use every day.

Our Team

Francis Gulotta

Francis Gulotta

Francis is a long time developer and technologist. He's run development teams for hedge funds, tech startups, and private education. He loves teaching, javascript and robots, has recently spoken at JSConf Brazil, jQuery Conf UK and JS Conf US and runs Nodebots NYC

Amy Gimma

Amy Gimma

Amy is a web developer with a variety of experiences in other industries, including healthcare, recreation, and public services. She likes to use technology to help businesses connect with their customers. In her spare time you'll find her developing her programming skills, riding her bike, or rock climbing.

Armando Amador

Armando Amador

Armando is a hybrid designer/developer with a precision and attention to detail that reflect his love for effective and engaging design. Before becoming a developer, he worked for the iconic Ebony Magazine as a Web Producer and at VIBE Magazine as a Marketing designer. When not designing or developing, you can find him reading Japanese manga, wikipedia surfing or playing basketball.

Vico Zabel

Vico Zabel

Vico is Wizard's Design Director, specialized in interactive design and branding. He has been working for multiple startups and agencies where he had the opportunity to work on Converse, Nike, and MPDI projects. He founded his own consulting business in 2010. When not designing he is out and about with his black Lab Maggie.

Elijah Kim

Elijah Kim

Elijah is a soft spoken developer with a large passion for clean code. After studying math at college, web development was a natural transition aided by Metis. When he's not discovering crazy methods on Enums, he is either lost on the Rift or binging on a newly discovered sitcom.

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