Wizard Development

Building Better Products with Stronger Teams

Process Matters.

We work with project managers and dev teams to eliminate the difficulties that come with launching new projects and features. Our approach delivers changes quickly and incrementally, allowing for changes throughout the process. Tested code ensures that launches are seamless and anxiety free. This not only creates great websites, but a healthy environment for innovation.

Product Development

Make your software work for you. You know your business we know how to implement it in software. We build the tools that your team uses to keep the edge in your market and the apps that allows you to provide services in new and unique ways.

Skill Sharing

You know how to build your product. We know how to improve your flow. There's no such thing as magic. How you work affects the purpose of your work. We teach you best practices that you'll use every day.

Case Study

We started working with One Month not long after their graduation from Y Combinator. We provided the development expertise to help expand their platform to handle their growing business. No longer being constrained by the speed of their development they expanded their classes, marketing and student experience. Now thousands of students are able get the skills they need to launch their careers in 30 minutes a day, for 30 days.

"I was able to work on the business and know that we had our development covered." - Mattan Griffel CEO

Our Team


Francis Gulotta

Francis is a long time developer and technologist. He's run development teams for hedge funds, tech startups, and private education. He loves teaching, javascript and robots. And has recently spoken at JSConf Brazil, jQuery Conf UK and JS Conf US.


Amy Gimma

Amy is a web developer with a variety of experiences in other industries, including healthcare, recreation, and public services. She likes to use technology to help businesses connect with their customers. In her spare time you'll find her developing her programming skills, riding her bike, or enjoying rock climbing.


Armando Amador

Armando is a hybrid designer/developer with a precision and attention to detail that reflect his love for effective and engaging design. Before becoming a developer, he worked for the iconic Ebony Magazine as a Web Producer and at VIBE Magazine as a Marketing designer. When not designing or developing, you can find him reading Japanese manga, wikipedia surfing or playing basketball.


Gustavo Guimares

Joie-de-vivre practitioner and lifelong learner, Gustavo enjoys finding solutions for real-world problems. He has solved problems in a array of industries such as Education, Publishing, Entertainment and the Arts. When he is not coding, he is either creating new dance moves or spending quality time with his family and friends.


Hannah Nordgren

Hannah loves making beautiful products for interesting people. Prior to becoming a developer, Hannah had careers both in the fashion and beauty industries, which is reflected in her appreciation of design and aesthetics in her work. When not working on projects, you can oftentimes find her riding around Brooklyn on her single speed bike (slowly).