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We work with various sized organizations, from YC backed startups to large established firms. We help them tackle the difficult problems to grow their apps into what they should to be.

Josh Nicholson was researching cancer at one of the more notable labs in Virginia and he had a problem. It wasn't the research itself that was giving him issues, it was publishing processes he needed to follow to get his research reviewed by his fellow scientists. Peer review can be a lengthy and expensive process, and there is no guarantee of publishing in the end. Research is hard enough and these aren't issues scientists should have to deal with. Josh decided to do something about it.

Learn How The Winnower got off the ground.
Josh and his business partner, Pete
In order to cure cancer, we first need to cure cancer research. - Joshua Nicholson, Founder
Kate at Bien Cuit
"It's not centuries old technique that needs to change it's centuries old technology"
- Kate Wheatcroft, Co-Founder

BakeCycle started in the basement of Bien Cuit a French Bakery based in Brooklyn. It helped them grow to be one of the most successful bakeries in New York and landed owner Kate Wheatcroft in Forbe's 30 under 30. Learn how Kate worked with Wizard Development to take BakeCycle from their basement to the world.

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One month graduated from Y combinator with a great product and growing client base. They needed to scale quickly and add some new user facing and internal features. We joined their team to help them go from a small scale startup to nationally recognized leader in their field. No longer constrained by the speed of their development, they expanded their classes, marketing, and student experience. Now thousands of students are able to learn the skills they need to launch their careers in 30 minutes a day for 30 days.

Improve your skills with Mattan at OneMonth.com.
"I was able to work on the business and know that we had our development covered." - Mattan Griffel, CEO
Juan from Ride
Amy is my hero!
- Juan Buritica, Ride CTO

Ride takes the hassle out of carpooling to work by matching drivers and passengers using geolocation technology. The tech team at Ride needed to build new features for an enterprise client to provide even better service. We were able to join their remote team from right here in NYC to deliver new features and improve existing code. Continuous deployment allowed users to take advantage of the new services quickly and seamlessly.

Find your carpool at Ride.com.